President: Piers Barker
Bio: Third year Geophysical Sciences (Fourth year at Uni and the Anime Society). Though I had casual childhood experience, I was roped in at around about 13, focusing mainly on manga and music videos and leaning the bare minimum of Japanese. While I had an interest, I wasn’t very active in pursuing such things as a hobby until university. I mostly enjoy ‘comfy’ series, fantasy exploration themes but I typically prize logical, thought out but unpredictable writing styles over any favoured genre I might have.
Favourite Series: Log Horizon, Konosuba, Re:Zero, GATE, Angel Beats, GJ-bu, Erased.


Vice President:
Favourite Series: 


Favourite Series: 


Secretary: Jack Chater
Bio: 2nd Year Computer Science student. Favourite genres are comedy and action but dabble in a bit of everything. Started watching anime 6-7 years ago and only pick up manga of anime that i really enjoyed so little experience there.
Favourite Series: Cromatie highschool, School rumble, 3-gatsu no lion, Sora yori and One piece


Webmaster: Alex Sheppard
Bio:  Second year medical student. I watched Dragonball and Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid (and I’m still up to date with both), but only really started watching anime about 5 years ago. I tend to watch older series, as in pre-2000 old, and haven’t seen most series post 2015. I prefer to watch series in the  Comedy and Harem genres, I know they are mostly trash, but they’re fun trash.
Favourite Series: War on Geminar, Ai Yori Aoshi, Gunbuster, Dragonball (original), and Tenchi Muyo