President: Cori Haws
Bio: Third Year Physics with Photonics Student. I started watching anime just after my 15th birthday, about the time I started taking GCSE exams. Of-course, I had seen anime (Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon etc) when I was much younger however only associated it with simple “cartoons”. I started becoming more aware of anime, as an artform, and started watching what I liked the look of, and it all stemmed from there. I am relatively open minded and will watch most genres of anime, but prefer more fun and easy-going themes.
I also read manga/doujinshi, collect anime magazines, artbooks and posters, play visual novels, and create anime vector traces for use as desktop backgrounds.
I took a level 1 qualification in Practical Japanese during college and have been to Japan.
Favourite Series: Toaru Series, OreImo, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Infinite Stratos, GATE, Toradora, Tsuki ga Kirei, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, everything created by VisualArts/Key.


Vice President: (Kar Sin) Casey Ho
Bio: Second year French, Spanish and Linguistics student from Kent. Shows like Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and Ghibli movies were a part of my life from a very young age, but I didn’t fully get into anime and commit to it until the age of 9. Since then, I’ve watched various series of different genres and thoroughly extinguished my social life. So, in short, I’m just a massive otaku who doesn’t regret selling her soul to anime.
Favourite Series: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Haikyuu!!, Daiya no Ace, Assassination Classroom, Bungou Stray Dogs, Kuroko no Basket, Snow White with the Red Hair, Angel Beats!, Durarara!!, Yowamushi Pedal, Fate Series, Noragami, Boku no hero academia, Touken Ranbu(edited)


Treasurer: Charlie Ellcome
Bio: Third year Physics Student. If ever asked how long ago I started anime the answer is always “four years ago”. Had you asked me three years ago that answer would be correct. I skipped the typical childhood anime entirely. Starting on YouTube when episode 3 of season 2 of an anime ranked within the 4000’s of MAL appeared on my recommended videos. Without subtitles, on a smartphone without working sound. But pretty pictures. I’d eventually find the first episode of something of a similar art style and subtitles through the recommended videos and started from there. Now days I watch anime (mainly light, comedy or action), read translated light novels (normally fantasy) and the occasional manga (whatever crosses my plate), so on and so forth.
Favourite Series: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Working!!, Bleach, Your Name. etc. etc. etc.


Secretary: Charlie Halliwell
Bio: Fourth Year Electronic and Electrical Engineering student.
Prior to university, I had pretty much no experience with anime beyond watching things like Pokemon and Dragonball Z as a child. However, since joining the society in my first year, I have sunk deep into anime hell and see no way of escaping any time soon (not that I’d really want to). I prefer comedies and slice-of-life shows, but will probably watch anything given enough encouragement, boredom or alcohol.
Favourite Series: Monogatari Series, Madoka, K-On!, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, No Game No Life, Sora No Woto, Steins;Gate, A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun


Webmaster: Piers Barker
Bio:  Second year Geophysical Sciences (Third year at Uni and the anime society). Though I had casual childhood experience, I was roped in at around about 13, focusing mainly on manga and music videos and leaning the bare minimum of Japanese. While I had an interest, I wasn’t very active in persuing such things as a hobby until university. I mostly enjoy ‘comfy’ series, fantasy exxploration themes but I typically prize logical, thought out but unpredictible writing styles over any favoured genre I might have.
Favourite Series: Log Horizon, Konosuba, Re:Zero, GATE, Angel Beats, GJ-bu, Erased.