Welcome to the Southampton Anime and Manga Society Website.

We’re a society dedicated to the mutual interest in Anime, Manga and other aspects of Japanese culture.

At the start of each semester the committee shortlists a selection of anime for the society to watch. At the first session of the semester the society watches the first episodes of these anime and each member votes for the series they would most prefer to watch. This is done for three categories – Main and Light and Dark. Each week we preview a few anime, usually something currently airing or a classic anime. We then watch a couple of episodes of the anime voted by the society. Afterwards, we split into two and members watch their choice of the Light and Dark anime.

We meet every Wednesday in building 46 (Physics), room 2003(Lecture Theatre B) at 6:30 PM to watch several different Anime series and socialise.

Due to COVID we will also hosting group streaming of the anime we are watching incase there is anyone who is unable to attend in person.

As of 2017, we also have a friendly ‘chat and chill’ meet-up for further socializing on Fridays at 6:00 PM, usually in building 34/3011 – check our facebook to make sure!

We plan additional events throughout the year such as pub socials, seasonal movie showings (Halloween, Christmas, Easter), Christmas Meal, Cinema trips, Conventions, End of Year BBQ. You can view the full campus map at: http://maps.southampton.ac.uk/ Check us out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SotonAnime/

We’re still working on it, but hope to get some more content here soon.

If you are new to the University of Southampton and are interested in joining the society, it’s free, please be sure to join on the Southampton University Students Union page here so we can send you emails with more information.