AnimeSoc Picnic and Post Exam showings

Hello everyone ^_^

As you all know we are planning on having a picnic and two post exam showings to celebrate the end of exams and finish off the year with a good dose of food and anime.

The picnic is planned for tomorrow, the 3rd of June, at 1 pm. The plan is to meet by the Cowherds just off of The Avenue and then head over to a spot on the Common. Please feel free to bring barbecue related stuff, snacks and refreshments.

For the post exam showings we will have a Dark showing and a Light showing on the 8th of June at the Physics building in the usual rooms. The Dark showing will be watching the Black Lagoon OVAs and the Light showing will be watching the second season (episodes 13-24) of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo. The plan is to start the showings at 1 pm. The light showing will be finishing later than the dark one and so Michael has booked the room until 7 pm for us. Please feel free to bring some snacks with you as we plan to have some breaks.

We also have the events up on on facebook. The link for the picnic is and the link for the post exam showings is

If anyone needs to contact me my phone number is 07583868176 or you can message me on facebook.

I hope to see you all there :D


May 15th Showing + Post-Exam Plans

Hi guys, on Wednesday we have our final weekly showing of the year! Our preview showing is something a little special: the classic Garzey’s Wing and the unforgettable Mars of Destruction. After that we have the main showing: episodes 11 and 12 of The World God Only Knows season 2 and episodes 10 and 11 of Eden of the East. These are the final TV episodes for both shows (though TWGOK has some OVAs and a third season airing in the summer, and Eden of the East has two sequel movies). We then split for our dark and light showings. In dark we will be watching the twelfth and final episodes of Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage and Ga-Rei: Zero. In light we have episode 12 of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo and the final two episodes (12 and 13) of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.

While this is our final weekly showing, we do still have a couple of events planned. Since most people are finished with exams by the end of the second week of the exam period, we’ll have our annual post-exams picnic celebration on the afternoon of Monday 3rd June. The plan is to bring some instant barbecues and plenty of stuff to cook down to Southampton Common and enjoying ourselves. We ask that anyone who comes along brings something, whether it’s burgers or buns or drink or whatever. If the weather is bad we’ll reschedule for some time later in the week.

On the following Saturday (8th June) at 1 PM we’ll have our final showing of the year. The dark showing has been planning to watch the Black Lagoon OVAs at the end of the year for a while now, but that excludes the people from the light showing. At the same time we’ll also have a light showing – what exactly will be shown is to be decided on Wednesday.

London Trip

Hey everyone,
as some of you might remember there is going to be a trip to London Saturday the 20th April. We’ll be visiting places like the Japan Centre, which is a great shop or all things Japanese; Minamotokitchoan, a Japanese confectionary shop; Arigato, another excellent Japanese shop; Tokyo Toys, a shop filled with anime and manga merchandise; Forbidden Planet, the same as the one in town here, but much bigger. We will then have some dinner at either Ten Ten Tei or the East Street Restaurant, depending where we can get in, but they are both fairly cheap and good quality Asian restaurants. This will be a great day out, and good way to spend your loan. We will perhaps leave around 10-11am. I will be poking around on Wednesday, to see who is likely to be coming. I shall also hopefully have your T-shirts and Hoodies for you to pick up.


December 5th Showing + CHRISTMAS MEAL

We have our penultimate weekly showing of the year on Wednesday! Our preview anime will be Arakawa Under the Bridge and The Legend of Koizumi, followed by episodes 19 and 20 of Mawaru Penguindrum and three episodes of Haruhi: The Day of Sagittarius, Sigh V and The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina. After that we have episode 10 of our Dark and Light shows: Hellsing and Black Lagoon or Acchi Kocchi and Princess Tutu.

Just a quick reminded that our annual Christmas meal takes place this Sunday at Wagamama in WestQuay! The Facebook event is here, please do RSVP to it if you intend to go, since we need to know the numbers. If you’re averse to Facebook, then let me know that you’re going in person or by emailing me through the contact form.

November 28th Showing

Hi guys, we’ve got our usual showing today. Our previews will be Infinite Ryvius and Kaleido Star, followed by the main showing – Mawaru Penguindrum episodes 17 and 18 then three episodes of Haruhi (Melancholy IV, Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and Someday in the Rain). We’ll then split for Dark and Light: respectively Hellsing and Black Lagoon; Acchi Kocchi and Princess Tutu (episode 9 for all).

If you weren’t at last week’s showing, you won’t have heard that we’re going to be having our annual Christmas lunch on next Sunday, December 9th. We’ll be going to the new branch of Wagamama that has opened in West Quay – they have a Japanese-inspired menu, mostly based around ramen, teppanyaki and curry. The exact time is to be determined, but we will have a Facebook event set up soon.

Fresher’s Pub Crawl

Hello everyone, this Saturday (6th) We’re having a pub crawl. We start at 7pm at the Stags, and route will be The Highfield, The Gordon Arms, The Hobbit.
This is a good chance for us to get to know each other, You don’t have to drink if you don’t want to. It will be a great time, so come along.
If you want to contact me for details if you are lost, or are coming along later and want to find out where we are, drop me a text on 07926938727.

See you tomorrow
(Social Sec)

Picnic social update – CANCELED

The weather forecast for tomorrow is exceedingly poor – very heavy rain, concentrated around the proposed time of the picnic. As such, the picnic is canceled, and we will fall back on our plan b – a showing of Paprika at 2 PM in building 44 (Law/Geography, opposite the entrance to Physics), room 1057. Let’s try and make a party atmosphere to celebrate the end of the year!


Picnic Social

Hi guys, I hope your exams went well. Naturally you’re all looking forward to going home for the summer, but before then we have one final SAMS event. This Thursday – weather permitting – at 2 PM we will be holding our annual picnic/barbecue social on Southampton Common. Bring burgers, sausages, rolls, snacks, drinks and your charming selves for a good time. If the weather is bad – and that looks likely right now – we’ll be having a special showing of Satoshi Kon’s Paprika at the Highfield campus (building 44, room 1057) at the same time instead. Hope to see you all there!


(N.B. This is a non-alcohol social, so please don’t bring alcoholic drinks – Southampton is a Drinking Control Area, so if you do have alcohol it can be confiscated.)

Princess Mononoke @ Union Films

Hi guys, Union Films will be showing Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke at 8 PM on Saturday 5th May. Tickets cost £3, and can be bought in advance or half an hour before the film starts. Some of us will be heading over to the Stag’s Head afterwards, and you’re welcome to join us. The version shown will be the Disney-produced dub rather than the original, subtitled version, but Mononoke’s dub is regarded as one of the best that has been made for Ghibli. Hope you can join us!


Christmas Meal – Important please read!

Hello all,

Our Christmas Meal this year is going to be on Saturday 10th of December during the early afternoon (exact time to be confirmed on booking), followed by a film showing the Physic Department for whoever wants to attend.

We will be eating at the Highfield, cost of £13 per person for the meal, drinks purchased at bar seperately. If you want to come, you will need either tell Ashwin or myself at this Wednesday’s showing, and pay us the money for the meal. If you can’t make this Wednesday, post a comment in response to this post with your name in it and get the money to Ashwin by this Saturday’s showing.  This Saturday’s Showing is the deadline for letting us know if you want to come, as we need to confirm numbers with the Highfield.

Hopefully youll be able to come!