November 28th Showing

Hi guys, we’ve got our usual showing today. Our previews will be Infinite Ryvius and Kaleido Star, followed by the main showing – Mawaru Penguindrum episodes 17 and 18 then three episodes of Haruhi (Melancholy IV, Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody and Someday in the Rain). We’ll then split for Dark and Light: respectively Hellsing and Black Lagoon; Acchi Kocchi and Princess Tutu (episode 9 for all).

If you weren’t at last week’s showing, you won’t have heard that we’re going to be having our annual Christmas lunch on next Sunday, December 9th. We’ll be going to the new branch of Wagamama that has opened in West Quay – they have a Japanese-inspired menu, mostly based around ramen, teppanyaki and curry. The exact time is to be determined, but we will have a Facebook event set up soon.

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